A little bit of everything

I am Rachel, a Métis beadworker, originally from Parry Sound, Ontario in Treaty 61 territory. I work to be closer to my culture, connect with my community, and to increase positive Indigenous visibility in all spaces. 
​I was born and raised on a multi generational farm in a small rural village north of Parry Sound called Dillon. I am a 4th generation farmer on my Dads side and 1st generation Canadian on my Mothers. Although I am currently living in the city with my Husband Ryan and our Daughter Railyn home is still very much the farm.​I was a late bloomer coming into my Metis heritage. 

Discovered only in 2005, after a life time of being denied this knowledge, I took the deep dive into taking back my Metis culture for myself, my family and daughter. As a white passing woman, it has been a personal challenge to fit into this beautiful and diverse culture and so I strive to ensure this space is an open and welcoming place.​

After my Father, Lloyd, passed away in March of 2020, I have chosen to honor him and my family that could not or did not feel comfortable in their Metis Indigenous connections by learning and sharing my art and knowledge with others. 

Thank you!


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